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design cost efective machine parts

Illustration- Long tapped holes (A.) require custom tooling and are expensive to make. Instead, design shorter holes tapped from each side (B.). A through drilled hole, but with short threads from each end is also acceptable (C.). If you need to pass a long fastener or part through the threaded hole, consider back boring as shown in D.

Designing Cost Effective Machined Parts

An on-line e-booklet, fully illustrated with numerous examples. Tips on designing machined parts so you get exactly what you want at the lowest possible price. By Joe Osborn, OMW Founder and Adjunct Faculty Member in Metals Technology at the College of Marin.

"Excellent job of the website. I could have used the 'How to Design Inexpensive Parts for Machining' several years ago to help train a few new engineers. You really captured a great deal of knowledge in one place. Nice job!"

-Kevin Urness, Chief Engineer, Lixi, Inc.

"Your article on how to design parts for inexpensive machining was GREAT. I just sent the link out to all my coworkers to check out. I thought I knew most of those things, but I learned a thing or two myself..."

-Max Davis, MIT grad and Senior Engineer, Green Mountain Engineering

Understanding and Specifying Anodizing: what a Manufacturer Needs to Know.

Another on-line e-booklet, this time about understanding Anodizing, perhaps the most common finish used on precision machined parts. An excellent introduction to anodizing, with many illustrations and tips learned over the years. Or click to download a FREE pdf file!

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